First impressions with github actions

A few weeks ago Github published Github Actions. In the beginning, the feature was accessible only for private repositories, but they just released it for public ones. I wanted to give it a try and what better project than my personal blog to try new technologies, I decided to move the deployment of my blog to Github Actions.

It's easy to start you have a UI where you can add basic actions like running npm scripts, but to deploy my blogs I used the npm module gh-pages that rely on having git installed on the machine, and it was not the case with the default npm Github action.

I decided to implement my own action to deploy to Github pages. You just need to create a GitHub repository with a Dockerfile inside. When GitHub is going to execute your action the repo and results of previous actions are going to be mount in /github/workspace.

The result is here My first github action.

And this blog is now deployed using github actions (see workflow).